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Made with Studio for Electronic Theatre in 2016.

Studio for Electronic Theatre is a platform for research, production and education in the field of digital performance, using ‘electronic theatre’ in its broadest sense, to refer to diverse forms of performing art practices (theatre, dance, music…) that involve creative use of digital technology and physical computing.

Studio for Electronic Theatre is based in London working with an international and interdisciplinary team, consisting of theatre makers, musicians, dramaturgs, digital artists, dancers, visual and sonic artists, engineers and scholars.

Their primary area of research is physical computing in performing practice and design, involving digital scenography, live visuals and sound, and real-space interaction between ‘physical agents’ (e.g. live performers, acoustic instruments, stage props…) and digitally generated content.

Welcome to One State, where freedom is conformity, names are numbers, and relationships are determined by compatibility norms. Aeronautical engineer D-503 is torn between his faith in the Benefactor, the AI designed to eliminate conflict, and an archaeologist with unsettling ideas. Can he save his relationship, his friends, his spaceship and his faith in One State?


This production was made possible with partnership from University of Greenwich and London Southbank University.

Co- directed by: 

Fahrudin Salihbegovic, Jo Cork and Maureen Thomas

Script Writer: Maureen Thomas

Set and Visual Designer: Fahrudin Salihbegovic

Choreographer: Jo Cork

Performers: Malachy Orozco, Sophia Millar de Vega, Tom Davis, Rachel Buckley, Leto Dietrich

Music Composers: Bartosz Szafranski and Aris Lanaridis

Assistant Director: Maizy Wright

Performed at The Roundhouse Theatre, Sackler Space Studio and later, at Camden People's Theatre, London.

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