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Amplified Edition no2.

Choreographed by Heidi Rustgaard and Hanna Gillgren. Supported by ACE's Developing Your Creative Practice fund. 


Providing professional mentorship throughout the rehearsal process of a brand new work, followed by reflection, training and investigation in the editing and post-production phase, Jo worked with Hanna Gillgren, co-director of H2Dance, to discover how dance film practices might impact the company's future projects. 

Their investigations together culminated in a screendance installation to accompany live work sharings in galleries and non-traditional dance spaces. Jo and Hanna are interested in utilising the modular nature of the work to create bespoke set-ups for varying contexts and audiences.


Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

Firstsite Gallery, Colchester

Further sharings in Helsinki and the UK are planned for 2022.


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