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Finding Ground

Finding Ground is a screendance installation led by Jo Cork Dance and Digital, made in collaboration with second year students at London Contemporary Dance School, and supported by The Place, London. 

Made in early 2021, it is a response to the Covid-19 pandemic that reclaims both the joy of performing and the joy of experiencing performance, for artists and the public alike. Using our common digital technologies Finding Ground reconnects performers and audiences in a safe, and exciting, space.

With 10 unique dance films dotted all over London (and some appearing as far wide as Asia), you can tap into a virtual dance performance through your mobile phones, into another world - where dancing bodies appear in the very space you stand, and performance continues! Finding Ground offers you the chance to experience dance performance, in the open air, using technology, elements of augmented reality and QR Codes. 


Check out the map and plan your next walk or cycle route so you stumble come across one of our posters and QR codes. We dare you to enter this virtual world!

All films are between 1 - 2:30 minutes duration.

The public exhibition ran from Mon 1 Mar–Weds 31 Mar 2021.


All films are now available online. Click on the map, select a location pin and click on the link to watch the film that appeared in that spot.

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