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AVH Audio-Visual-Haptic Screendance

QuestLab Project. Supported by Studio Wayne McGregor. With additional support from UCL, London College of Music and Sense.

Audio-Visual-Haptic Screendance is a research project aiming to develop innovative wearable haptic technology which will add a third sensorial dimension to the act of watching dance film, transforming it into an immersive bodily experience.


By tapping into touch sensations, the AVH project will create technology that will manifest the bodily experience of watching dance film, and that will help us to unlearn privilege-based perimeters around perceptive faculty. We propose to make fundamentally accessible work; not to make our work accessible. We ask of our ‘viewers', that they all - regardless of seeing/hearing ability - engage with the dampened sensorial perceptive abilities in their person, and in doing so, reawaken and re-learn them in order to develop an expanded relationship with their lived experience of the world.


Made in collaboration with film and gaming composer, Bartosz Szafranski; and creative technologist and haptics specialist, Ava Agakouchak. 

The findings of the initial research will be presented at Studio Wayne McGregor in early 2022, before the project continues development.



A collaboration with Sheetal Maru. Commissioned by Milap. With additional support from Movema.

Sheetal Maru is a Liverpool-based dance artist specialising in world dance and classical Indian dance. She has been commissioned to create new work for Milap's 2022 programme.

Exploring how screendance practices might integrate with her dance practice, she is working with Jo to receive mentoring in creating digital dance work and screendance practices, and to collaborate with Jo in the creation of a new film, Onus.

The film will be screened in 2022 as part of Milap's programmes. 


The Place / Candoco Online Classes

In partnership with The Place and Candoco.

Jo has worked in collaboration with The Place and Candoco to film a series of classes which will be available to the public via The Place's online programme in 2022. 

Click here to find out more about the The Place Online Programmes, and to keep an eye out for the release date of Candoco's classes.


One Dance UK Young Creatives

In partnership with One Dance UK

Young Creatives is a national programme managed by One Dance UK. As part of the programme, young choreographers benefit from workshops with industry professionals with the end goal of creating a final dance work.

Between March and July 2021, the 2020 cohort have been working with Jo to create their own dance films. Following initial training and workshops in choreography for camera and filming processes, the young creatives developed their own film treatments and had individual tutorials with Jo throughout their process. Following filming, they collaborated with Jo to edit the work.

The completed films will be screened at 2-3.30pm in The Young Choreographers Showcase Screening, as part of U.Dance Festival on Saturday 17 July 2021.


Click here for more information about the festival and to watch the films 2021.jpg

Amplified Edition no2

A collaboration with H2Dance, supported by Arts Council England


Providing professional mentorship throughout the rehearsal process of a brand new work, followed by reflection, training and investigation in the editing and post-production phase, Jo worked with Hanna Gillgren, co-director of H2Dance, to discover how dance film practices might impact the company's future projects. 

Their investigations together culminated in a screendance installation to accompany live work sharings in galleries and non-traditional dance spaces. Jo and Hanna are interested in utilising the modular nature of the work to create bespoke set-ups for varying contexts and audiences.


Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

Firstsite Gallery, Colchester

Further sharings in Helsinki and the UK are planned for 2022.


A Love Letter to Varnam

A collaboration with Divya Kasturi Company, in partnership with Laban

​A love letter to Varnam is a sister work to the live stage show, To Varnam... with Love, developed and performed by Divya Kasturi Company. 

Made using documentation footage from live performance at Warwick Arts Centre, video projection images used in the show (by John-Marc Gowans), and new footage featuring 3rd year contemporary dancers Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

The film will be released in 2022.

A love letter to Varnam is part of Divya Kasturi Company's strand, Our Varnam, which celebrates Baratanatyam dance and aims to pass understanding of classical Indian dance and music practices to new generations and more diverse bodies.

TVWLSis S1.jpg

The Place Partner Schools Programme

In partnership with The Place

As part of The Place's Partner Schools Programme 20-21, Jo is working with the delivery team to film and edit video performances of dance pieces created by teachers and their students at primary schools across Camden. The films will be made available to the schools and parents. 

We want young people living and learning in Camden to connect with The Place. We want them to explore and enjoy dance as makers, performers and viewers. (The Place)

Click here to find out more about the Partner Schools Programme.

Place Partner Primary Schools.jpg

Camden Alive! 2021

In partnership with Love Camden, The Place and Motion Dance Collective

Camden Alive is a programme of arts and cultural events that celebrates the people of Camden. Sharing Camden's diverse heritage through creativity, Camden Alive captures the sights, sounds and spirit of the borough and what it means to live and work in Camden. The stores of the neighbourhoods unfold and are showcased by the creation of the virtual Camden People's Museum. The museum illuminates and animates these stories, revealing the vibrant individual and collective culture of Camden.

Working alongside Omari 'Motion' Carter of Motion Dance Collective, through Spring 2021 Jo will be training and mentoring young people in Camden through the process of developing their own screendance works for exhibition in the virtual museum.


Rebel Rebel

A collaboration with Anthony Van Laast and Roman Green

A short dance film.


This isn’t rebellion for rebellion’s sake.


It’s a story about how beauty can be born from rebellion - about how embracing it's energy can set us free and provide comfort in times of unimaginable pain.

A solo dance film with direction by Roman Green and choreography led by world renowned film and television choreographer, Anthony Van Laast. 

Put on hold due to the pandemic, the work is due to be completed in 2021.

Rebel Rebel.jpg

Window of Tolerance

A collaboration with Phil Taylor

Window of Tolerance is an experimental dance film, co-directed and co-edited by Jo Cork and Phil Taylor, with choreographed by Jo Cork, and cinematography by Phil Taylor.

The work explores the demise of, what in hindsight, might seem a comfortable life by comparison to current circumstances. Taking inspiration from news reports and interviews, social media posts and viral internet content, the duo express the confusion, despair and morbid hilarity of coping with world events such as Trump, Brexit, and now inevitably, Covid-19. 


Put on hold due to the pandemic, the work is due to be completed in 2021.

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