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Calibrate is a 5-piece installation, and the product of a Research and Development phase for the creation of screendance work for public spaces where contemporary dance might be an unexpected encounter. The work has drawn on influences including characters in children’s literature and scales of personality used in psychology. It looks at how this informs our understanding of identity, personality traits, wellbeing and mental health, and engages viewers to consider their own characteristics and awareness of self.

Created with support from Chisenhale Dance Space, Rich Mix, London College of Music, London Southbank University, Spin Arts & Arts Council England

Experimenting with various filmic processes and configurations, the work explores the potential of new and exciting digital formats to present contemporary dance work, making it accessible to a wider audience across a variety of venues and settings, including cafes, venue foyers and galleries.

The installation uses multi and split-screen arrangements, mixed devices and even hologram and layered projections, using custom-made hardware.

Bartosz Szafranski’s sound composition is cleverly designed to alter in the space as viewers move from piece to piece, using 6 complimenting and shifting scores to breathe emotive depth into each film. The composition offers versatility of presentation, by bringing sonic architecture to the work in exhibition settings, or providing isolated and bespoke accompaniment to individual works.

Production Notes

Produced in London, UK (2018)

Original format 1080p, 24fps
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (excluding holograms) Stereo sound
Playback on loop
Works vary between 2-6 minutes in length

Directed and Choreographed by Jo Cork 

Score and Sound Design by Bartosz Szafranski 

Filming, Editing and Post-Production by Jo Cork

Produced by Rosie Watt, Spin Arts 

Dance Artists/Performers: Courtney Scheu, Freya Spencer, Mim Wheeler



Chisenhale Dance Space, London, UK

September 2018

Victoria Stakes (public house), London, UK

December 2018

La Dinette Restaurant, London, UK

December 2018

Screen.Dance Festival, Perth, Scotland

May 2019

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